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It’s been so long since I have attempted to write, even though I used to love to write all the time! This is my 1st attempt at writing so bare with me it may not be as good as I thought it would be. If you enjoy it let me know! I’m sure I will be writing more in the future. Also don’t forget to check out my radio show “Lets do this Sh!t” @

Something Great

I’m nervous it’s hard to begin

What if I were to fail again?

What will they think?

And what will become of me?

And is it better to have tried like they say?

Or to not have attempted, which is the mistake?

To get rid of this fear is so hard to do

When so many shut you down for what you love to do

I must not let them continue to hold me down

Their hate now, I should use as my strength

I may not have another chance at this again

And as my heart pounds as I take the leap

I shall triumph over those who have spread the hate

And I will show them that I too… can be something great