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Insane Clown Posse’s new album Featuring Freshness is anything but new! Being a fan of the Forgotten Freshness albums I was extremely disappointed with this addition to the series.  The two disc release promised to contain rare and hard to find tracks, unfortunately the majority of these tracks were previously released on other Psychopathic albums.

Disc one,  Family, focuses on appearances the clowns have made with other Psychopathic artist’s.  While disc two, Homies,  features collaborations ICP has done with artist’s outside their label.  Now, this sounds like it would be a pretty decent album right? Wrong! let me tell you why. Out of the thirty tracks only three of them are new, clearly not worth the 13 or 15 bucks they are charging! If you’re the typical Juggalo you probably already own all these songs, that aren’t even that great to begin with . I wouldn’t even recommend Featuring Freshness to a someone who recently got into ICP. I guess it would make sense for them to try to make some extra cash on something they already released, seeing how their being sued for using samples without permission. I’ll give it a 2/10, Sorry Violent J Featuring Freshness definitely did NOT flip my wig

Track listing:

Disc 1
01 Boondox (Feat. ICP) - Lady In A Jaguar
02. Jamie Madrox (Feat. ICP And Blaze) - Put It Down 4:08
03. ABK (Feat. ICP) - Keep It Wicked 3:31
04. ICP (Feat. DJ Clay) - The Party 3:14
05. Twiztid (Feat. ICP) - Marsh Lagoon 5:15
06. ABK (Feat. ICP) - Gang Related 4:23
07. The Dayton Family (Feat. ICP) - The Gathering 4:51
08. Blaze (Feat. ICP) - Birthday 3:57
09. Twiztid (Feat. ICP) - This Bitch 3:12
10. Twiztid (Feat. ICP) - Always Fucking With Us 3:45
11. DJ Clay (Feat. ICP And AMB) - Whoop 4:19
12. ICP (Feat. Twiztid) - I Dont Care 3:44
13. AMB (Feat. ICP) - Nightline) 4:16
14. Twiztid (Feat. Blaze And ICP) - Hound Dogs 6:02
15. DJ Clay (Feat. ICP, Twiztid, Blaze, Boondox, AMB) - Kept
Grindin 10:07

Disc 2
01 ICP (Feat. Three Six Mafia And Twiztid) - I Shot A Hater
02. ICP (Feat. Capital E) - House Of Mirrors 4:59
03. ICP (Feat. Ice-T) - Dead End 5:16
04. ICP (Feat. O.D.B.) - Bitches 3:20
05. ICP (Feat. Mack 10) - Nobody Move 3:54
06. ICP (Feat. Kid Rock) - Is That You (Remix) 4:22
07. ICP (Feat. Snoop Dogg) - Shaggy Show 6:32
08. ICP (Feat. Bryan Abrams) - Truth Dare 3:33
09. ICP (Feat. Tech N9ne) - Mad House 4:22
10. ICP (Feat. Bushwick Bill) - Out There 3:31
11. ICP (Feat. Fresh Kid Ice, Vanilla Ice, MC Breed) - Swallow
This Nut 3:10
12. ICP (Feat. Afro Man) - Lets Toast 4:14
13. ICP (Feat. Tone Tone - Underground Hot Street Banger 4:30
14. ICP (Feat. Big Hutch) - Danger Party 3:23
15. ICP (Feat. Paris) - Surviving Game 5:13